Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bountiful Baskets Coop

The other day I heard about this coop. I decided on a whim to give it a try and I have to admit I am impressed. I paid $15 plus a one time first time $3 fee for the following:
1 lb strawberries
1 broccoli, probably 2 lbs
1 pineapple
1 1/2 lbs grapes
3 large cucumbers
8 apples
2 squash
8 red potatoes
10 tomatoes
9 bananas
5 mangoes
not pictured was a head of greens

The pick up is every other week. I believe they start taking orders again on April 28th through the 29th. Here is the link to the food coop.

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  1. Wow! Totally worth more than $18 for all that produce...great deal for organic.

  2. The link took me to an Arizona co-op. Do they have Utah pick-up locations as well?

    Like your new format by the way!

  3. Okay the website is hard to navigate but if you scroll all the way to the bottom on that link there are two Utah locations listed. Seriously you wade your way through loads of Arizona locations and just when you think no way is there a Utah location you'll see it. In fact the Utah locations start at the second from the bottom. Let me know if you still can't see it.

    Thanks! I'm loving the new look. Still have a few things to finish up and then I'll be done.

  4. I see the two Utah locations now. I scrolled to the bottom, read Yuma and just assumed everything above it was Arizona as well. It would be nice if they would have some Salt Lake locations, or at least Bountiful, as well. I live in Sugarhouse so Clearfield is just too far to go, even for that great looking produce. I'll keep checking to see if they have more Utah locations. Thanks for the tip.

  5. From what I understand they will open pick up locations when several people request. If you know of several others interested you could have them send in requests for a SLC pick up. I've heard a rumor that they are opening a Roy pick up station because of so many requests. I know of at least 9 people who requested a Bountiful one so you never know.


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