Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fruit Water

One of our goals this year was to stop drinking soda. Our family had stopped a few years ago but then one good sale of soda later and we were addicted to it again. We stopped cold turkey again. Yes it's been hard but I'm looking at the long term health benefits and they far outweigh our love for soda. Since stopping soda I've allowed kool-aid, which to me is almost as bad as soda, for the kids but I still needed something. The Biggest Loser Simple Swap book had a recipe for a fruit water which sounded like something I'd love. I have been drinking this drink for almost 4 weeks now and have made a few improvements to the original. Hopefully you'll like it as much as I have.

Fruit Water
adapted from The Biggest Loser Simple Swaps Book

1/2 of a lemon, cut thinly
1/2 of a lime, cut thinly
1/4 of a orange, cut thinly
5-6 grapes
1/8 teaspoon citric acid
1/2 teaspoon sugar
2 quarts water

Mix water, citric acid, and sugar until the citric acid and sugar dissolve. Add fruit and stir. (I like to crush the grapes just a little in the water. Place in the fridge to get chilled or serve with ice.

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  1. OMG!! Maybe this will help me finally use up our oranges!!!
    I don't know why, but we just don't ever eat the oranges that we get in the co-op.
    Speaking of the co-op...I finally had a disappointment. The corn we got a couple weeks ago was so hard and dry. Blech! Roger was eating it and kept saying "This is the best field corn I've ever eaten. I'm glad they didn't feed it to the cows!" LOL

  2. Hi Norah I am interested in making this. Where do you buy citric acid? Staci

  3. I'm sorry Trish. Hopefully your good luck comes back.

    Staci- I believe Kitchen Kneads has it. Oh I think that maybe Sacco's sells it too. My sister bought it for me at some store in Logan.

  4. Looks good! I'm going to try it!

  5. I bought citric acid in the pharmacy. I had to ask because they kept it behind the counter.


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