Thursday, July 23, 2009

Winners Announced

The three winners of this contest are:
Melanie who made comment #10
Diane C
Georgie K Buttons
Email me at with your address and I'll get them in the mail at the end of the week.

Thanks to all those who entered. I am starting another contest today.

No recipes since my husband is out of town and I've not had the time or energy to actually cook. I've been collecting a few things over the last month to use in contest so I figure now is a good time to have one. Today's contest will have three winners, one bag per winner. I have three reusable grocery bags that are really nice. They are the Pack-n-Tote Grocery cart helper bags.
Here is the description from Reusable

  • Clips lock bag open at checkout for easy filling
  • Holds 40 lbs per bag
  • Great for Costco & other big box retailers
  • Sturdy handles feature coin holder
  • Outside pocket for coupons, grocery lists, keys
  • Compact design folds down to size of clutch purse
  • Recyclable, durable, resists mold / mildew / stains

  • If you already follow my blog you have an entry to the contest. If your not a follower become a follower and you'll get an entry. Leave a comment for an entry and if you are a follower or become one that will give you two entries. If you want to promote this contest on your blog or facebook or whereever, let me know and for each place you do I will give you another entry. I will close this contest on Saturday the 25th at 10pm and announce the winners Sunday morning.

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    1. That is a pretty cool item, there!

    2. I'd love to win, I never win ANYTHING

    3. What a great idea! I have never seen this bag before. My mom keeps a collapsable cooler in her trunk to keep cold things cold on her return trips from the grocery store.

    4. I'd love to enter! Great prize.

    5. This looks cool. I've never seen it before. I love reusable bags too.

      I follow!

    6. Great idea..Thanks for the prize.

    7. Awsome prize! I put a post about it over at our blog, hope it brings in a few more entries.

    8. I'm following (on private settings)! You have a way cool blog, and so many awesome recipes!

    9. Awesome! Those are really cool :)


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