Friday, December 19, 2008

Sweet Chili

I noticed this recipe on Laura's blog, , a few weeks ago and wanted to give it a try. Don is so picky about his chili that I purposely waited until I was making navajo tacos to make this recipe. Don ended up liking the chili on the tacos but says he would not eat it plain. Overall the recipe was really good. I really liked the dish. I changed a few things:
I used tomato sauce instead of tomato soup.
I added two cloves of minced garlic to the meat and onions.
I used 2 cans of chili beans with sauce instead of five cans of beans.
I also did not use the tomato paste.
I also simmered it for several hours.

The original recipe-
In a soup pot:
Brown 1 1/2 pounds ground beef and one medium onion. Drain off grease.

The add:
5 (15 oz) cans of kidney beans, undrained
2 (6oz) cans of tomato paste
2 cans tomato soup
4 tsp chili powder
3/4 cup brown sugar

Simmer for one hour.

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  1. Perfect dish for this chilly day. Did it pass the test?

    Wishing you a Delicious Holiday Norah!

  2. Happy Holidays to you too! Yes it was pretty good on the Navajo taco but I'm not sure I'd eat it any other way.


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