Thursday, December 25, 2008

Menu Plan 12/26-1/01

I've never been a person who really likes to plan out meals. I usually stick to a simple rotation system, which I think I've posted about on this blog in the past, but its usually a rough time line that allowed me to change it according to my cravings or desire that day. Well things have to change as my husband may be losing his job and the fact our house is being overwhelmed by cooking magazines and cookbooks. So I've sat down and plotted out the next week's menu and we will see how things go for us. I've decided not to do a breakfast menu for the time being and lunches will only be planned for my husband's days off from work as those are our weakest times for eating out. My goal is to shop once for the week with the possibility of needing to run out for a few items that are perishable. So here goes the plan for the next week, I won't be shopping until Saturday so Friday's menu is still sort of up in the air for sides:

12/26 Dijon crusted chicken breasts

12/27 Lunch- out while running errands
Dinner Teriyaki veggie wraps, tangy spinach salad

12/28 Lunch Annabelle's American Hero Sub
Dinner Black bean soup, rustic dinner rolls, and orange cookies

12/29 Italian pasta casserole, holiday lettuce salad

12/30 pork cutlets with capers, savory brussel sprouts

12/31 beef red pepper pasta, artichoke bread

1/01 Lunch creamy fettuccine, zucchini parmesan
dinner hot dogs with sauerkraut (my family's New Year's Eve tradition)

I'll be posting pictures and recipes for all dishes we really liked. If I don't post and your interested in the dish let me know and I will get the recipe for you. I know everyone's tastes are different.

Update: I spent $160 at the store today. Not too bad considering my produce stand is closed until after the first of the year and the fact I needed a few things that were not for the above menus. My goal was to spend about $150 but I came in at around $100 for the items needed for the menu plan and $60 for the other stuff.

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  1. Your menus totally amaze me!!! Mine are boring!!!

  2. Ah thanks! Mine have to be creative or we get bored and eat out.

  3. Sorry about your husband's job. I think that planning the menu each week is such a good thing to do. I've posted mine for the week also. Looking forward to your posts!


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