Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Menu Plan for 1/03-1/07

Well he did lose his job so now we are on a tight budget. I'm hoping to spend only $100 a week for groceries, pet food, and supplies. We go through about a gallon of milk a day so that takes up a nice portion of my budget. This week's grocery list is quite small for actual food so this week I'm thinking I should come in under $100 which would leave wiggle room for future weeks. Again if I don't mention sides its because I plan on using something we have in stock in the house. I'm not planning lunches or breakfasts, yet, because we have plenty of things from food storage to use for those meals.

Meal #1
easy beef barley soup
Boston creme pie

Meal #2
chicken salad bake
fresh broccoli salad

Meal #3
satisfying cremini barley
bacon apple cider biscuits

Meal #4
fully loaded chili

Meal #5
marinated pork loin
homemade noodles
roasted veggies

Meal #6
Greek chicken sandwiches

Meal #7
turkey spaghetti casserole

Grocery Totals:
7 reduced deli items for 45 cents each, regular price $1.99 each, not on my list but a great option for the kids for lunch
green onions 2 bunches for $1
18 eggs $1.88
2.07 lbs gala apples $1.41, 68 cents a lb
1.70 lbs granny smith apples, 68 cents a lb
5 lb bag potatoes $1.99
3 packages frozen veggies 77 cents each
2 gallons milk $1.99 each
Total Spent: $17.39

2 green peppers $1.38, 69 cents each
2 haas avocados $1.47, 49 cents each
6 oz. spinach $1.99
3 packages frozen veggies $2.37, 79 cents each
6 lbs ground beef $8.07, 1.39 lb
1.20 lbs fresh broccoli $1.19, 99 cents lb (could have picked it up for 79 cents at another store way out of my way)
6 lemons $1
1.65 lb cauliflower $1.63, 99 cents lb
3.89 lbs bananas $1.91, 49 cents lb
cremini mushrooms $2.69
fresh mushrooms $1.99
mustard $1.39
instant pudding 50 cents
chocolate milk $1.50 (not on my list but my child really wanted it and he did sit still for his hearing test so I let him get it)
apricot preserves $2
applesauce $2.15
2.13 lbs pears $2.11, 99 cents lb
romaine lettuce 99 cents
2 cucumbers $1.38, 69 cents each
12 limes $2
1 lb dry garbanzo beans $1.35 (cheaper than canned and I'll freeze what I don't use after cooking)
1 lb dry northern beans $1.33 (same as garbanzo beans)
green lettuce 99 cents
1.98 lbs red grapes $1.37, 69 cents lb
grand total $46.05

Day old bread store
texas toast
english muffins
treats for the kids

1 lb pearl barley $1.29
tortilla chips $1.25
picnic roast $5.85, $2.12 a lb
quick cooking barley $1.99
5 frozen juices $5, $1 each
pita bread $2.29
4.19 lbs boneless skinless chicken $5.41, $1.29 lb
2 containers juice $2.50, $1.49 each
.66 lbs roma tomatoes $1.12, $1.69 lb
3 gallons milk $6, $2 each
feta cheese $1.99
ceasar dressing $1.99 (make all salad dressing from scratch except for this kind)
14 cans cat food 33 cents to 35 cents each
cat food $2.49
candy 79 cents
grand total $47.88

Total for the week: $124.52
We should not need anything except maybe milk at the store this week. Hopefully I can cut back on milk usage in the house.

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  1. Oh no Norah, I'm sorry about your husband's job!

  2. Thanks Rachel. We will be okay as his job was basically a supplement job but its about $900 a month we are losing. Thank goodness we paid the mortgage off early last year.


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