Saturday, May 31, 2008

May Food Co-op

I ordered the Harvest share ($14), the grill sampler pack ($13), sourdough loaf ($1.50), and the nutty guys sampler ($11.50). So everything in the picture came to $40.
Grill sampler pack
2 6 oz sirloin steaks
2 chicken breasts
4 5oz center cut pork chops
1 lb ground beef
Nutty guys sampler
1 lb dried banana chips
1 lb raw almonds
1 lb cashews
1 lb dried pineapple rings
Harvest share
5 lb bag of potatoes
16 oz rice
2 16 oz bags of mini carrots
6 fuji apples
6 pears
6 navel oranges
1 bunch of broccoli
3 artichokes
1 bunch of green onions
2 bunches romaine lettuce
loaf of Stone Grounds wheat bread

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  1. Dang it!! I wish I would have done it this month..... I hope to get June's!!!

  2. Yes it was a great month this month. I couldn't believe all the produce. I can't wait to try the Farmer's market share next month. Hopefully I'll see you at pick up next month.


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