Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Food Storage Goals for February

I am taking a slightly different approach to this blog then I had originally planned. Don losing his job has made me think differently about how I do things. As you may have noticed last month I posted meal plans and my grocery lists. I'm going to keep doing that this month but change it a little. I'll explain it after I do my first grocery trip for the month. Also I have decided I want to strengthen my food storage. I've always felt I've done a good job but in light of our recent job loss I have discovered I could have done a better job. So at the beginning of each month I'm going to list my goals for building my food storage. I found a great book at the library and I'm going to give her plan one year and then see how well I liked her plan. The book I'm using is called Emergency Preparedness Made Easy by Pam Crockett.
So here are my goals for this month:
Oat groats or oatmeal
6 or 9 grain mix
pearl barley
apple slices in #10 can
banana slices in #10 can
other condiments that we use
canning jars
canning lids
paper plates
hand crank radio
backpacks for making a 72 hour kit
sewing kit
plastic gloves
vegetable juice
peanut butter
jams and jellies
solid vegetable shortening
oils (vegetable, olive, corn, etc)

I plan on watching for sales on the above listed items if I don't have at least a 6 month supply. I do already have quite a few of the above listed items stocked up. Anything that I don't find on sale for decent or amazing prices will transfer to next month along with the new month's goals.

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  1. They're not cheap, but there's a good assortment of canned meats at http://www.internet-grocer.net/realmeat.htm


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