Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Week One Shopping Trip/Menu Plan

Wednesday- Turkey with rice and gravy, salad, and leftover pumpkin pie
Thursday- Creamy turkey and wild rice soup in bread bowls
Friday- 7 layer dip, I'm making this for a meal we will see how it turns out
Saturday- spaghetti with salad and bread
Sunday- Southern pulled pork with baked beans and pasta salad
Monday- broccoli and cheese soup
Tuesday- chicken dish
Wednesday- pork dish

Shopping Trip

3.75 lbs cauliflower $2.21, 59 cents lb
3 radishes $1, 3 for $1
2.76 lbs braeburn apples $1.90, 69 cents lb
2.94 lbs bananas $2.03, 69 cents lb
bakery $1.25, thanks to my helpers
clover club potato chips $1.50, thanks to the helpers
3 Mexican drinks $2.07, 69 cents each, thanks to the helpers
1.78 lb green grapes $2.23, 4lbs for $5
3 green onions $1, 3 for $1
2 turkey gravy mix $1, 50 cents each, usually I make my own but I was being lazy today
1.14 lbs green grapes $1.43, 4 lbs for $5
bacon ends $1.29
10 lbs popcorn chicken $8.90, 89 cents a lb
10 lbs pork riblets $14.50, $1.49 lb
Grand total at Reams $43.52

Kent's market
2.64 lbs broccoli $1.82, 69 cents lb
2 dozen eggs $1.98, 99 cents a dozen
24 oz sour cream 99 cents
push pop 59 cents, again thanks to some helpers
15 lbs potatoes $2.79
3.85 lbs country style ribs $3.82, 99 cents lb
6.6 lbs sirloin pork chops with bone $6.45, 98 cents lb
ground chorizo $1.93
Grand total at Kent's $21.08

gogurt $3.19, again thanks to my helpers
garlic bread $1.99
1/2 lb deli meat $5.19
3.14 lbs trimmed boneless skinless chicken breast $7.82, $2.49 lb
rolls $1.99
5.85 lbs ground chunk $11.66, $1.99 lb
Grand total Harmon's $32.80

Grand total for the week: $97.40, $2.60 under my $100 goal

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  1. I have to ask where is Kent's market? I have never heard of it before. Also, are you going to keep posting your recipes, of if you have posted them before give us a link? I am lazy like that.

  2. Yes I will be posting recipes unless the recipe is something we ended up disliking but if you would like it and I don't post it let me know as I will post it.
    Kent's Market is in Roy. I don't know the exact address but is on 5600 South and 3500 West. If you know where the Roy Artic Circle and Warren's are it is in the same plaza.


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