Sunday, April 27, 2008

April's Co-op

Crossroads Urban Center in Utah offers a monthly food co-op that I feel is a good value for the money. They offer three types of shares each month plus at least 3 add on packages. This month I ordered the harvest package, which is a combination of fruits and vegetables. Along with extra virgin olive oil and breakfast sausage.
This month in the harvest share ($14):
3 avocados
6 tomatoes
3 yellow bell peppers
6 pears
one red leaf lettuce head
3 grapefruit
5 lb bag of potatoes
(they also had kiwi and eggplant but I traded with someone for an extra loaf of bread)
whole wheat bread
16 oz of either white or brown rice
I also purchased 2 packages of Colosimo's Amercian style skinless link breakfast sausage 12 oz for $2 each. And 3 bottles of 17 oz Aptera Extra virgin olive oil for $5 each.

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  1. Norah - I love your blog!! I am hungry!!!

  2. I'm glad you liked it. Its a work in progress.


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