Monday, March 3, 2008

Utah Csa's

It the time of year to sign up if you want to try Community Supported Argiculture. I signed up for 2 shares of Borski farms and one share from East Farms.

I did buy from Borski and really loved our experience. They offer fruit which is big for my family. We didn't get many tomatoes but I think the weather played a factor in that. Their season is shorter than East.

I'm trying East this year just to see what they offer. I had someone share what they picked up from East last year and they didn't get as much fruit as Borski. However their season is longer and there seemed to be a bigger variety in the produce.

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  1. I would really like to purchase a CSA share but I can't find anyone who does drop-offs in Utah County. Actually, Zoe's Organic might have a Provo drop-off, but their share prices are 2-3 times that of the other gardens! So - I'm a little stuck, it seems! Do you know of anyone who might do Utah County drop-offs?

  2. I do not know of any with drop offs in Utah county. I know that East Farms tries to base their pickup location on location of their members so if several from Utah county would sign up they likely would have a drop off. Their are 2 csa's in Park City that might work for you. I also noticed that there is a new one in Draper.

  3. Jennifer and others may be interested in the Food Coop ( It has monthly food deliveries and in the summertime includes East Farms produce. The food is of very good quality and very low prices and ANYONE can use it. There is no long-term commitment- you just sign up each month for the package(s) you want. It has Utah County sites and is always happy to add new ones. I highly recommend it. I've also been a member of East and Borski CSAs for the past four years and love them. I tried Zoe's last summer- wonderful produce with lots of varieties and large amounts but a little too pricey for me to do again this year. I hope to save up enough to join Zoe's again in 2009. But check out the Food Coop- you'll be surprised at the amount of food you receive for such a modest cost.

  4. Ann-
    Doh I don't know why I didn't think of that. I buy from the coop each month and it wasn't until your post today that I realize I have no mention of it on the blog. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. I'm new to this organic way of life and was googling CSA's this morning when I happened upon this blog. The co-op sounds very interesting...and more affordable too. Does anyone know more about their produce? Does it come from local, organic farms? Jennifer mentioned East farms. I would love any advice/tips on finding affordable organic produce and meats. Thanks a bunch.

  6. Camille- During the summer and fall most of the produce from the co-op comes from local farmers. They try to buy local first on the produce but during the winter it gets a little hard to buy only local produce. The offer a farmers market share during summer and fall that is locally grown organic produce. The meat offered through the co-op is from local butchers and if I remember correctly from asking it is from local farms too.
    For beef I like Tami's grassfed beef. They have a website.
    Chicken has been hard to find local organic. But eggs have been pretty easy.

  7. Hey!! I happened to come across this blog and saw that some of you are looking for CSA drop off's in provo. Roberts Ranch & Country Gardens drops off in provo and spanish fork every Saturday. You receive about 18 weeks of produce and it's great stuff!! Everything is Organic as well. This includes meats and eggs. Just goggle Roberts Ranch & Gardens. Well worth it!!


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